Elias Solis



Sex :


What do they call you?:

Elias with weird pronunciations

What do you want to be called?:

Elias.... Eh - Lee - Us

Where is home?:

Home is where I'm happy, with cheap rum around the corner

Have you ever been drunk?:

Uhhhh nope, not me.. mm mm

Describe your ideal lady:

A small huggable sized Latina that loves Latin music and culture as much as I do. She must also like salt, because I cook with a lot of salt, hehe

Describe your ideal man:

Reliable, honest and funny

Say something in Vietnamese:

cam on nhieu

What does that mean?:

Thank much

Tell me a joke:

Why did the chicken cross the road?...why? To see his stupid ass friend Knock knock.... whose there? The chicken.

Weirdest thing you’ve eaten?:

A crocodile burger in Cambodia. It tasted like fishy chicken and was all dry. Bleagh

What’s your best pickup line?:

Hey baby. That's a nice dress... It'd look better on my bedroom floor.

Tea or coffee?:

Coffee with Rum

Rum or Gin?:

Rum, always Rum.. It always runs out. Its not fair

Sourdough or Wholemeal?

Sourdough with Poached eggs.

Greece or Japan?:

Both man, Japan is sweet, but I've seen some amazing picks or Greece

USA or Cuba?:

HA! CUBA! Jesus...

Are you in Chupacabra?: