David Cavallo



Sex :

Yes please

What do they call you?:


What do you want to be called?:

Double dale deluxe

Where is home?:

Home is where your rump rests. I’m pretty sure I’m quoting things I’ve seen on TV. I’m not sure where that’s from, that’s from LION KINg!

Have you ever been drunk?:


Describe your ideal lady:

errr, I’m trying to think of witty responses, stop typing. I dunno

Describe your ideal man:

Uh, needs to play trumpet, but not quite as good as me so I can look better.

Say something in Italian:

Che ore sono Signor Lupo?

What does that mean?:

What’s the time Mr. wolf

Tell me a joke:

What do you get when you have a cricket ball in one hand and a cricket ball in the other hand? ..... What? ..... A really big cricket

Weirdest thing you've eaten?:

Crispy pig intestines that tasted like poop. That same restaurant where I ate that got shut down a week later by a health inspector.

What’s your best pickup line?:


Tea or coffee?:

Coffee black hot

Rum or Gin?:


Sourdough or Wholemeal?


USA or Canada?:

USA...but stuff the USA

Hobart or Launceston?:

Hobart of course

Are you in Chupacabra?:

What do you think.